Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Boxer Racist

The long-term senator from California exemplifies the functional racism prevalent in Democratic policies and culture.

For as long as I can remember, Dems have trumpeted the cause of anti racism. Their righteousness on this issue is so strong, that anyone who disagrees with them on any remotely race-related issue must be a racist. They would even imply or state directly that Dems are the party of racial equality, and Republicans are not, period. If you disagree, Dems would laugh in your face and presume you are stupid, ignorant, and yes, racist.

While their beliefs may have been true at one time, it is no longer the case; like a baseball team winning the world series and declaring they were world champions forever. What’s important is not intent, good wishes, or assuaging guilt. The outcome of political decisions and policies are what count, and Dems, no matter what their intentions, are responsible for the plight of many economically poor and underperforming minorities in the US today. I am referring, of course to the myriad of social and/or give-away programs that target minorities for special and preferential treatment. These programs suck the life out of the very people they are supposed to help. It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Welcome to the left-wing freeway.

Today’s Conservatives are not racist. They believe wholeheartedly in equal opportunity. Equal opportunity, not favoritism. And there are reasons beyond those the average liberal wants to understand. The first reason is obvious - all people should be treated equally in the eyes of the law. This is right, it is good business, and it is honest. It is also in the constitution. Without people earning their standing, the basic concepts of fair and equal treatment cannot be achieved. The Civil Rights Acts were good and necessary legislation, and went a long way towards initiating racial equality.

However, far-reaching “correctional” legislation in this area is overdone, expensive, ineffective, and more importantly contributes to the problem instead of alleviating it. While many believe that preferential treatment programs are a way of leveling the playing field, they are, at their core, dishonest to the concept, and simply do not work. John McWhorter, in a New Republic book review of Amy Wax’s “Race, Wrongs, and Remedies: Group Justice in the 21st Century” notes that Ms. Wax … “appeals to a parable in which a pedestrian is run over by a truck and must learn to walk again. The truck driver pays the pedestrian’s medical bills, but the only way the pedestrian will walk again is through his own efforts. The pedestrian may insist that the driver do more, that justice has not occurred until the driver has himself made the pedestrian learn to walk again. But the sad fact is that justice, under this analysis, is impossible.” The pedestrian must learn to walk by himself, “Not that they alone should fix—Wax is making no moral argument—but that they alone can fix.” Similarly, today’s Dems insist that financial compensation can fix the problems. It can’t.

Problems with the current state of the family structure (or non-structure) in large numbers of the black community lead to increased teenage pregnancies, sub-standard educational achievements, and crime, most of which is attitudinal. While these problems are apparent in all aspects of our society, they are dramatically evident in portions of the black community. It is my view social give-away programs directly lead to increased acceptance of this way of life. I would submit that such policies are mostly inspired by guilt which, again, may make proponents feel better about themselves and their efforts, but does not correct the problem.

Additionally, people respond better to incentive than to gifts. Funny thing - when you give people no option but to take care of themselves, they will! For the sake of our economy, the people who have been expected to pay the bill, and the target population of these programs themselves, getting people to work is the only fair thing to do. People will take care of themselves if you make (let) them.

The third reason, and possibly the most important reason, is really hard for liberals to understand: by handing people their livelihood, you rob them of a sense of purpose and well being. Self-supporting people are more motivated, have a better feeling of self-worth, and live happier lives. It can be a struggle making ends meet in this (or any) economy. Often it can seem you are on a tread mill and not getting anywhere. But at the end of the day, working people who make their own place in the world live better, more fulfilling lives. John Stossel had a television special on a report called the “Blue Zones,” areas where people live longer than in other parts of the world. One of the significant characteristics of these areas was that people felt needed and had a purpose. It is absolutely horrendous what liberals and the social give-away programs have done to large segments of our society and minorities in general. Most people will not wander far from the teat, unless they have to. And there they stay -- permanent residents on the Democratic Plantation.

But what about those who are truly unable to care for themselves? Private organizations and religious institutions do a far better job than government in both identifying those who actually are incapable and how to help them. Without the obnoxious amount of money spent supporting those who are draining the system unfairly, there would be plenty of money left for those who do need it. In fact, the amount of money for those who do need it would be greater than now exists, more closely giving them the care they need. There are good ways to fix the system, but that is not the subject of this article.

Why are Dems like this? In contrast to conservatives who see blacks and other minorities as individuals with promise, liberals see them as groups with inherent deficiencies. Liberals assume they cannot take care of themselves without help. If I were black I would be insulted. How dare anyone think that a group of people is not capable of rising on its own. Talk about a racist attitude!

Liberals also think that blacks should all think alike. The reason I title this “The Boxer Racist” is because Senator Barbara Boxer (D - CA) represents exactly the point, partially evidenced by a clip on you tube with Barbara Boxer conducting hearings on the proposed Cap and Trade legislation. In this segment, she is questioning Harry Alford, president of the national Black Chamber of Commerce about why he disagrees with the proposed legislation. His response is simple; because it would hurt business and cost jobs. She then informs him that John Grant, CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, and the NAACP support the proposed legislation. These other entities weren’t in a similar business or connected to Mr. Alford in any way, except for color. Ms. Boxer just assumed that, since they were all black, they should feel the same way on this issue. Mr. Alford was justifiably insulted, and told Ms. Boxer her statements were condescending and racist. Ms. Boxer ignored it, probably because she didn’t even see the whole picture or how her deep-seated beliefs about blacks (that all blacks are identical) contributed to such an insulting statement. If she is reading this article now, she probably still does not get it. This is a common Liberal mindset.

In an October 8, 2010 Daily Beast column liberal writer Kirsten Powers discusses how liberals treat conservative women and states: “...whereas you never hear anyone claim that men should vote a particular way because of their gender, feminists have no trouble treating women like pre-schoolers who have to be herded into the right camp, a camp that is apparently preordained at birth.” It would take more guts for Ms. Powers to admit that liberals treat blacks that way as well, so she probably won’t. It is true, however, and should be terribly insulting to black people who are proud of their individuality.

To Ms. Boxer and friends of mine who are quite liberal and would say they have supported minority causes at every turn, I hate to make you feel bad, but your idealistic correctional policies defeated exactly what you were trying to accomplish, and, in fact created (and still do create) horrendous problems for minority communities leading to illiteracy, unwanted single-woman pregnancies, breakdown of the family structure, poverty and unspeakable violence perpetrated upon themselves. For this, you should feel guilty, because it was and still is you - not faceless generations before you - that are continuing this madness.

Understand that not all minorities are failing to keep up. Many are doing well. In fact, enough are doing well without government help, that it proves my point. Those that have not been cursed with government intervention know the joy of success and accomplishment. Correspondingly, successful blacks have told me they are disturbed that people (including other blacks) assume their success is due to governmental programs. Liberals have robbed successful blacks of their just reward and status they deserve at the same time they have pushed others to become wards of the state.

Unfortunately, in order to correct this gross administration of seemingly unintentional racism, the pain to a generation or more of minorities who have been raised to believe they have a right to government handouts will be staggering. But this must happen if the problem is to be corrected and if minorities are to have a bright and productive future. So, as painful as it will be, the sooner we start demanding people take care of themselves, the sooner they will. The sooner we start insisting they put their nose to the grindstone, the sooner they will be productive and live fuller lives. The sooner we stop treating them as some mass of incompetent clones and start treating them as capable individuals, the sooner they will become seamless contributors to our society and the world, and the sooner they will know the joy of success and life itself.

So, all of you well-intentioned but resultant racists liberals, how long are you going to keep robbing them of their futures? To remedy this, you have to accept the fact that you blew it, and change your ways. The clock is ticking, and the problem gets worse every day. As you read this, another potentially gifted black child is born into an environment that will encourage him or her to do nothing. Tough Love? Okay, whatever you want to call it. Feel guilty all you want, but get out of their way and let them thrive. You owe it to them.

Mercer Tyson


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  2. When you begin a treatise on the subject of racism by making blanket statements about any group of people (i.e. liberals), you lose all credibility.

    Racism is only one of bigotry's many facets. Your post is so full of bigoted statements about another group of people (liberals) that I find your affectation of wisdom laughable.

    I also find laughable your simplistic views of complex issues, and your insistence on stating your views as if they were fact, without any attempt at laying out proof.

    I am a proud liberal, and I don't fit at all into the liberal mold that you've fashioned, so...

    I would submit that you're full of crap.

    (posted by Dennis & Donna's friend, John)

  3. Nice work Mercer! I'll look forward to the next installment. Once we solve the welfare state, we can start on other ill founded policy, like fossil fuel subsidies, and spending yourself out of recession with debt!

    Erik T.

  4. Finally, a refreshing take on the dire situation that confronts America. As a youth sports coach, I stress the importance of earning your playing time rather than making sure that all kids play equally. When players have earned their spots, they tend to play at a higher level. The players that do not play as much as their teammates usually respond by working harder at practice and when they get their chance tend to play with more focus and determination. My players always enjoy playing on my teams and parents love the life lessons that their kids learn. I sure wish our politicians would believe more in a system of incentives rather than gifts.

    Coach V.

  5. Reply from the blog author to John's reply above-
    Not a treatise, John, it's an opinion piece. Opinion pieces don't have the space to write 4,000 pages and cite hundreds of studies to prove a point. That's what books are for. That being said, I believe in what I stated, as do many others. If you don't, no problem - that is your opinion, which I respect. That is why I have the comment section available. Thank you for yours.

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