Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Just Get It From The Well

Going to your house of worship doesn't make you a religious person, any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

When I was a kid, a guy down the street used to ask me “Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?” He must create policy for Ben Jealous and the other great thinkers of the left.

I was reading a CNN article on Fluent News concerning the "One Nation Working Together" rally in Washington. Some of their own quotes left me howling with laughter, except they not only believe this stuff (sort of, because they really don’t know what they believe) and they vote accordingly. It’s the vote accordingly part that makes me stop laughing.

When I say they don’t know what they believe, here’s what I mean. They want jobs, food for everyone, health care for everyone, songs and joy and hybrid automobiles for everyone, as though expressing these wishes will make it happen. They want all good things. They must believe everything they want is sitting in a warehouse somewhere, and all we need to do is vote accordingly and UPS will deliver it all by Saturday. What they can’t understand is you have to actually plan, invest and work to make all those things.

From CNN - “Jealous said the alliance of groups has come together to offer a positive alternative to negative rhetoric, and to demand better education and more economic opportunities. The "One Nation" movement, he said, would rather see jobs for 99 percent of Americans instead of tax cuts for one-percent of Americans.” In addition to being gibberish, that’s like saying you want to eat chicken but you don’t want to eat poultry. Or buying a flat-screen television and turning off the electricity. Jobs and tax cuts are on the same side of the fence, not the opposite.

Imagine a wealthy guy. Dislike him all you want. Picture him smoking a dirty cigar while walking his poodle wearing green and purple plaid shorts with a red shirt, brown sox, and white tennis shoes, and yelling at a kid trying to sell him lemonade. Imagine this guy has a net worth of $20M, and he earns $750,000 per year. Filthy rich. Go ahead, hate him. Now ask yourself - if you take an extra $150,000 off his income by taxing him more, is he going to cancel his ski trip to the Alps, or not buy that Ferrari he was planning on? Of course not. He is just not going to have as much money to invest. And what happens when he doesn’t invest? NO JOBS! Like it or not, in order for you to get a job, the cigar-smoking, plaid-shorted, red-shirted, brown-socked, white tennis-shoed, kid-lambasting poodle walker has to make money. Not just enough to live life the way he wants, but extra money. Money he can invest without sacrificing life style. Capital, as in Capitalism. Capital is what drives the economy. Capital is extra money. It creates jobs. So to say they would “…rather see jobs for 99 percent of Americans instead of tax cuts for one-percent of Americans” is an oxymoron.

Jealous is right about the negative rhetoric from the right, however. We need to make it positive rhetoric. Instead of saying “No more taxes!” we should be saying “Yes to lower taxes!” Would that make you happy?

The most ironic part is Jealous represents the NAACP. If there is any group that needs jobs, it is African Americans, especially young African-American males who have the highest unemployment of any group in the nation. The NAACP wants to provide jobs for minority youth instead of sending them to jail. Good idea. Start now - cut taxes. Quit killing businesses. Quit strangling the goose that has been laying golden eggs.

Another great statement from the CNN article. “The group's website sets out a list of basic principles and priorities. These include direct assistance for unemployed workers and assistance for small businesses and local governments trying to hire new workers; a minimum wage increase; health care reform; immigration policy changes; increased bankruptcy and foreclosure protection; and more money for education, from kindergarten through college.” The assistance for small business part is good. Much of the rest is contradictory to that. (Let’s see, I have enough money to hire 7 people at $7 per hour, or 3 people at $10 per hour and give them health care.)

And what’s with the help for “…local governments trying to hire new workers” part? What? Did I hear that right? Please, please, please! Give this man a lesson in economics! We need fewer government workers, not more! Government workers are bleeding us to death!

Actually, I’m just being sarcastic. There is a solution. Let’s all get together on Sunday morning and go to the well. Instead of water, let’s pull out money! And, we should insist this is a bottomless well, because it has to be for all of us to have as much as we want. Just keep dropping that bucket and demanding that it comes out full.

Oh yes, while we are at the well, let’s not forget to pull out a couple hundred thousand doctors we will need for Obamacare.

Mercer Tyson

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