Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Need To Dislike Obama, Just Get Him Out of Office

“To err is human; to forgive is divine.” Alexander Pope

As anyone who has stuck his or her head out during their life knows, you are taking a chance when you do so. I’m sticking my neck out here with this blog. Some of my friends may take offense to my writings and not want my association anymore. While I am dismayed at that thought, I recognize it will probably happen. But I have never been a milk toast on opinion, and I won’t turn to mush now.

Correspondingly, throughout my career as a builder in affluent neighborhoods, I have irritated people who thought my vacant lot should remain open so they can continue to walk their dog or allow their son’s archery arena to remain intact. In some cases these people have cost me time, money, and sleepless nights. I consider them selfish people, but I don’t dislike them.

I’m not a religious person, but “forgiveness” is something that is a valuable tool for your own sanity, and for the people around you as a whole. Holding onto grudges is unhealthy in all respects. I try to understand why a person feels the way they do, what in their background or DNA makes them think the way they do. I am usually able to figure out (or concoct) an answer to why they are how they are, and I understand them. Whether I am correct in my assessments or not doesn’t matter - it makes me feel better and allows me to put everything behind me and move on.

While there are very few people that raise my ire as much as Barrack Obama, I try to apply the same thinking in my assessment of him. From my perspective, his policies are going to destroy America as we know it. I think that is his intent. In my estimation, he doesn’t like what America represents or has been in the past. He is a firm believer in redistribution of wealth. He wants to apologize to the rest of the world for America’s behavior, which has been nothing short of stellar. He wants to destroy our economy to chase fantasies of millions of green jobs. In short, he is not just ignorant to what our country is, he is intent on changing it.

But even though he is actively trying to (in my view) destroy my country, I don’t dislike him. Why? It’s not his fault. In some sense, no one is responsible for their behavior. We are a product of our DNA and our environment. If you are religious, you may include some other ingredients. Barrack Obama has a past, as we all do, and he can’t escape it.

I am the first to admit I am not a historian and don’t know the details of Obama’s life. However, I write from the perspective of a common sense regular person. From what I see and hear from various news sources, documentaries, and from clips and interpretations of his books, I feel I have an understanding of Obama’s nature and motives.

My assumptions -

1. One of the most important things that happened in his life was the death of his mother to cancer, purportedly because she did not have the insurance coverage needed to treat her.

2. His views of the world and America are different than those of most Americans because he grew up all over the place. Yes, he is a citizen, but I don’t believe he values American citizenship as much as the rest of us. To him, it is nice to have because it affords him the opportunities to do what he wants to do, but it isn’t part of his soul. He does not feel a kinship with Americans.

3. Possibly what he came away with from being a child of the world was a vision that your life and living conditions were not dependent on who you were, but rather the environment into which you were born. This seems grossly unfair to him.

4. It appears he has never done any real productive work. As a cerebral guy, he didn’t place value on work. His career as a lawyer mostly centered around civic issues such as housing for poor people, voting rights, etc. His mind lives in theory and possibilities, not gutty reality.

So how can we expect him to be in touch with average Americans? Is it surprising he feels the way he does about economic inequities and Americas’s position in the world? Of course not. It is to be expected.

I haven’t heard anyone say he is a jerk, and either Michelle is a great actor, or she is very fond of him. So are his children. He must be a nice guy. He seems like a nice guy. I’d love to shoot some hoops with him sometime and have a beer summit afterward.

No doubt when he was a youngster and registered a complaint about things in America he got the same answer we all did, “If you want to change things, do it in the responsible way. Vote. Get involved. Work in the system towards what you want.” So he did. In short, if you are a conservative and were told his story without knowing his political views, you would respect him.

To all my conservative friends, I ask you to forgive him. And, I would ask you not to dislike him - just get him out of office as quickly as possible. We have many would be politicians with similar stories of struggle who love and are proud of America, think America is a great country, and acknowledge that America is the place that allowed them to succeed. These are the people we need for our leadership.

Okay, okay. I am not as righteous as I make myself appear to be. At times I shout horrible things at the TV, although they are usually more often directed at Nancy Pelosi. But you get the point. Hating people may increase motivation, but it does not effectively win hearts and minds. Besides, hate distracts one from purpose.

So, again, don’t dislike Obama, just get him out of office ASAP.

Mercer Tyson

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