Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Definition of "Is"

The Definition of “Is”

Democrats, being far more intelligent than conservatives, aren’t limited to the standard definitions of words. Clinton’s gem was “is,” Obama’s is “tax.”

Back in 1998 Bill Clinton , while trying to explain why he didn’t actually lie about his relationship with Monica Lewinski asked the famous question “It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.” This was troubling because most of us thought we knew what the definition of is was, or is, or whatever. When we conservatives – college education or not – couldn’t grasp Clinton’s complexities, we realized we were infinitely more stupid than liberals.

As time passed, however, we began to forget how ignorant and stupid we were. But just when we thought we had him in a conundrum, President Obama reminded us of his superior intelligence.

If you will recall, Obama declared definitively that no one making less than $250K would see their taxes (in any form) increase. However, regarding the health care bill and the Individual Mandate:

•He argued in court that the individual mandate is a tax;

•The Supreme Court declared it is a tax; and

•It has all the earmarks of a tax, i.e., something you are required to pay to the government

Silly us. Just because of all that we actually thought the conclusion was the Mandate is in fact a tax, and Obama just told a wee tiny little white lie, ala George HW Bush “Read my lips: No New Taxes.” But then, dashing our hopes and bringing us back to earth in our incompetence, Obama declares he did not lie because the IM is really not a tax.

You know what this means, whether it is a tax or not depends on what the definition of “is” is.